Solo works?

Freedom, Loneliness, Solidarity

Already in the late 90s British Prime Minister Tony Blair predicted the artist to become the forerunner of every freelance worker on the future neoliberal market: a passionate, mobile and flexible soloist, who can bend herself as a brand in any direction thanks to her non-specialised creativity. And it is today not only artists who stay in the studio until late at night. On the contrary, most of us reply work-related emails at midnight, dream about new projects in our sleep or regenerate with yoga or other “spare-time-activities” in the fitness studio at work. But what kind of consequences does the current profile of the solo-worker have on our social life? The symposium “Solo works?” focuses on aspects of the work identity of our time such as marketization of the private self, competition, precarization and loneliness. Philosophical shades of the concept of freedom will be investigated and at stake is the question of how to reformulate the concept of solidarity?

Saturday 22 November

Bojana Kunst “The Solo Project”, lecture13:00

Isabell Lorey “Freedom and Care in the Regime of Precarization”, lecture14:00


Kasia Wolinska presents “Hi Mary” 15:30

Conversation with Lorey, Kunst and Kaisa Wolinska about entering the art market as solo worker

(moderation Mikkel Bolt, KUA)16:00